Our latest project, School Days Countdown, has been released on the Apple App Store!

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We know how painful it is for the student, we’ve been through that too! This is a gift to all students waiting for the joyful season of summer, teachers who can’t wait to say goodbye to that misbehaving student, and everyone else who love vacation and warm places.

We’ve also added a countdown for the moments left to cherish the great off-school season. It will tell you the time left until school comes back and start fresh!

The School Days Countdown by Dynotes Mobile Technology LTD. is the only countdown app that considers school days and weekends, that is precise to the second and has a cheerful ring at the end of the school year and when back to school arrives. Confetti falls too!!

You don’t even need an internet connection for the countdown to work! So you can use it right in the middle of class ;)

Download link