In the latest installment of our Mini Info for Android, we added several key updates, including a customizable toggle bar, a Ram/CPU widget + 2 backgrounds, landscape support, support for the new Mini Info Pro Key and much more.

Our biggest update was the addition of a new Mini Info Pro Key which will unlock a ton of features like customizing the toggle bar, 5 more widgets, no ads, center info and more settings! (Read up about that here)

Our customizable, scrollable toggle bar now has a total of 11 toggles! With shortcuts for all and direct toggles for all except GPS and Unlock Pattern (and APN for CDMA phones). It has a Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Volume, Brightness, APN (GSM), Airplane Mode, Auto Sync, Auto Rotation, Screen Timeout and Unlock Pattern. You can long click any one of those and a link to the Settings page is shown for convenience! In the Settings (Menu – Settings), there is an option for Toggle Bar Settings, a place that you can rearrange the toggle’s order.

The new RAM + CPU widget was a bit troublesome at first. Because Ram and CPU have the nature of updating quite frequently, we decided that the best idea was to put a manual refresh button on the right side of the widget (the progress bars). This way, the widget doesn’t hog the battery and can cleanly take care of updating the widget in real time. In addition, the Frost Window and Tinted Glass widgets were included for free.

Some of the more side updates were landscape mode was included on every single page made for Mini Info. The Settings force closing on root devices was fixed along with the internet connection for donations (please see note on pro key page). An all-in-one help and about page is your comprehensive help center about Mini Info. You can email, visit our website, see our other apps and read on a few common questions and fixes.

We hope that you enjoy this update, an update that fixes problems and acts on several user suggestions (APN toggle being the most requested)!

Sincerely, The Mini Info Team