In the recent months, besides tinkering on how to create world peace, we have crafted a beautifully elegant application called Flex Search.

Flex Search is a search app that gives you a crisp clear design that focuses on simplicity and elegance. You can search multiple categories like Search, Images, Reference, and Social with a grand total of 16 searchable sites with more on the way (including starred sites, and all that good stuff). Also, our seamless, Google suggest powered autocomplete engine is fast and gives suggestions as you type!

Auto Complete Search Engines Web View

In addition to the normal cliché features of other search apps, we planned on making your search experience more relevant and legible with features like Mobile View, Find in Page, Full Screen and Share. We implemented options for Instapaper or Google Mobilizers for mobile view, a full featured, find while you type, find in page, full screen to hide the search bar and tool bar and an awesome share package with 10+ sharing capabilities powered by ShareKit

Mobile View Find in Page Full Screen

We’ve bundled plenty of extras like history and settings, context menus like picture sharing or open page in mobile view, great customer service, and a todo list packed with exciting features for the future!

Share View History

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The Flex Search Team