Flex Search for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, is an all-in-one search app that gives you a crisp clear design that focuses on simplicity and elegance. You can search multiple categories like Search, Images, Reference, and Social with a grand total of 16 searchable sites with more on the way (including starred sites, and all that good stuff). Also, our seamless, Google suggest powered autocomplete engine is fast and gives suggestions as you type!

Besides above, there are also good tips and tricks:

  • Hold down images to save them

  • Hold down links to get more options

  • Asynchronous autocomplete, so that you’re not disturbed while typing

  • Swipe a history item to delete

  • Stop and Reload is one button

  • Directly Search Selected text in pop up menu

  • Find in Page Shows the number of found elements beside the clear button

  • Select the default mobilizer in settings (Tools – Settings – Default Mobilizer)

  • Your previously selected engine is remembered to save you time

  • There are a lot more options in share by pressing More….

We hope that these tips can put your searching in good use!

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