The latest version of our school countdown for iPhone brings the long awaited multi day and week cycle to the Classes feature. Now, the classes system will fit almost any timetable. Other misc fixes like layout and small features were not short of either.

Multiple Week Timetable Classes

The first and foremost update is the highly coveted flexible timetable. You can now state the number of days or weeks your school has, declare your classes and period times and we will take care of calculating what day it is (e.g. day 3, Monday week 2). New layout enhancements like the horizontal day picker is a welcome addition to the timetable adding. Setting up a ten day timetable with over 12 classes feels fast, seamless and easy. We’ve actually had a person who never used our technique do it in less than five minutes!

Misc layout changes like sharper beveled table items add depth, smoother retina display icons, more contrast for modern design and a new ShareKit adapted calculation alert that is non intrusive unlike previous versions (see screen shots). The about us page has been updated as well, reminiscent of the one for MLD for iPhone.

nice Progress Prompt About Us

Calculation for end of school and classes are also faster! With over ten exception days, end of school day set to June 2012, it only took 3-5 seconds, about the same time of a website age load on our 2G iPod touch. With our ten day timetable stated above, expect about the same time for number of classes left.

The application as a whole feels fresher, faster and cleaner as a whole, you really need to see it, to hold it and actually use it to feel the true potential and power of this small app. We hope that you will enjoy it as much as our kids do ;) and be sure to spread the word and tell your friends!

The School Countdown Team