The free version is also available on the App Store now!

In this latest refresh of our nifty little app, we added several key changes such as in app purchase, Twitter and Facebook integration, time table separation from classes, ads for the free version, and new about us page. The full version will get all of the this except for addition in app purchases and ads.

End School Back School Classes

The largest piece of the update is the Facebook and Twitter integration, a heavily requested feature, which allows you to brag about the time you have till the end of school. You can do this for the end if school, back to school, the number of classes you have with each teacher left and and the current time left till the end of class, for maximum fun!

The other big piece update is the addition of the in app purchase as an alternative to the Full version available on the App Store. The in app purchase will provide all the awesome features of the existing Full version, and it’s also more convenient without having to redirect to the App Store. it also helps to get the obligatory “go to the App Store dialog”, which was too in your face.

Today's Timetable Timetable in Any Day

Other side inclusions are the timetable tab split which will make it easier to see your current day timetable, adverts which will be unobtrusively displayed and a neat pro features page that is very similar to that of MLD’s. We also revamped the about us page so it’s more informative!

In App Purchase About Us

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The School Countdown Team