This is a continuation of Part 1 of our Mini Info 2.0 release notes.


We’ve added tons more customization options by popular demand, and one of the most commonly asked questions is for the progress bar colors. In the settings menu, there is a small button with color in it which represents the progress bar color, which will add a nice touch on any device. Custom shortcuts and tap actions allow you to change what happens when you tap a certain row on the main screen, you can even launch your favorite task manager or app manager, all starting with mini info’s dashboard style start page. For those who like consistency, for the widget backgrounds, we added a 2.2 style widget background that’s very common for android widgets.

New Features Change Progress Bar Color Widget Settings

For pro users, we change widget type to widget template to achieve what we envisioned. You can now select a template and have any of the five available items to mix and match. There are currently 4 templates: three column, solo detailed, two column, and two row. Of course you aren’t limited to number specified on the template. In the toggle bar settings, we now allow you to hide the features either you don’t use or don’t have available for your device (e.g. APN toggle).

Set columns for Widget Toggle Setting

Other noteworthy features

Removed the READ_PHONE_STATE as we found workarounds that involved cleaner solutions. We also changed our ad provider to MobFox (just to test the waters), due to Adsense for mobile being converted to Admob. We will jump around a bit to see which ones look the best.

See our Permissions Guide!

Aesthetics wise, we updated the RAM and CPU to be icons and not words. We also individually fixed up each one of our main icons (logo, battery, disk space, and sd card) to be more modern and to lose the 2009 style. The most notable (in the market at least) is the pro key icon being much better looking.

More screenshots:

Main Screen Various Style Widgets Helps

We will currently now support every screen size for devices that run greater than Android 1.6 and will automatically resize to lose the extra space on the toggle bar.

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