For the past two months, after several other projects like school countdown, we thought that it would be necessary to build the latest release of Mini Info. Unlike previous versions, this is a 2.0 release with many new features and customizations, not just a simple update.


As always, here at Dynotes, we like to give detailed explanations of our updates and releases for those who want to get the most out of the latest release. Don’t like reading? The pictures will give a good idea of that the paragraph will talk about.

Major features


The most noticeable updates for newer devices is the crisp high definition graphics we added to support the larger, more covenant screen. Along the same line, we have also heard complaints about the old icons not being shabby enough, so this time around, there is a more modern Mini Info logo, new cleaner Battery, disk space, Sd card, ram and CPU icons.

Earlier Version Current Version Compare

Widget configuration

We added on to the widget configuration page keeping the classic preview pane. This time with much more. Instead of Widget Type, you will get Templates which basically allows you to choose the bits of info you would like to see around that layout. (the free version has the basic template) In the current version, you can have a total of five buttons each with either battery, disk space, ram, or CPU. To build a house, we need a strong foundation and this version will provide this foundation making it easy for us to add new widget items and templates for the future. Keep an eye out for toggles, more specific info and more.

Various Widgets Widget Settings Select Activity

New settings page

Of some of the other screens that we redesigned, the settings probably has a harder learning curve. Simply put, all the settings (except for toggle bar settings) is on one page, making it faster to locate the setting at hand. Each category is divided in groups with every button or checkbox pertaining to that heading. The three buttons side by side represent the left, middle and right info in the actual main page and the small button with the color in the middle is the progress bar color. The tap action is the action that is launched when the piece of info is tapped.

Settings Select Activity Set Progress Bar Color

New about + help and pro features page

Note: the help page may be the most awesome looking page in Mini Info. There are 10 topics to read through and a neat little quick bar for contacting our superb support or to spread the love. this is a very thorough documentation which covers some of the most commonly asked questions that we get. The pro features page also received quite a few updates as well! The most notable is the new descriptions and the lack of paypal and promo code options, detailed here.

About+Help Togger Bar Help Pro Features

Part 2 is Available Here!