NOTE: existing users who bought the pro key do not need to register. Only people who previously donated via paypal or others whom we have talked to specifically need to register.

Removed read phone state permission. This is a big one and one that inspired us to update. For starters, Android (beginning with the samsung galaxy tab) manufacturers began making devices that don’t have mobile data plans, while this is great, it left some of us, developers in the dust as we use a common method, getDeviceID as our main unique identifier. Of course, this would mean that we would sacrifice a ton of users, like wifi only models which is a big concern for us. We would frequently get emails asking for why only the key showing up and it is this permission alone which prevents us to be shown on their devices.

Registration for Donors Start Page of Registration

This time around to bypass this, we once again came up with a new way of validating users, which is now the registration process, which is actually easier and requires no more manual code generating which could take as long as 24 hours. Not a long wait, but still an inconvenience for those who would change ROMs and claim often

To follow the actual registration process, simply go to Mini Info – Menu – Pro Features – Register to access the registration page. All you need is a google account you can remember that you can use to register Mini Info with your other devices!