Flex Search 2.0 is all about taking searching to the next level. Not only have we completely supercharged our graphics, workflow and speed, we also came out with a universal version for the iPad that utilizes the bigger screen.

For the iPhone and iPod Touch version of Flex Search, every single thing has been redesigned to be faster, more efficient and cleaner. You will notice that startup is significantly faster, landscape mode doesn’t glitch up and typing doesn’t lag. The key focus for this update was not only adding new features but also significantly improving performance.

Flex Search 2.0 New Design Flex Search 2.0 Results Flex Search 2.0 Other Features

We start with the search pane, where we opted for a popover style pane for the engines. It now takes up the whole page so you can see more engines without scrolling as much. We’ve also incorporated two new new categories and several new engines including About.com, eHow, WikiHow, WebMD, PubMed, and Healthline. We’ve also added a new Web URL engine which allows you to enter a URL as well so Flex Search can also function as a light browser!

Flex Search 2.0 Engines Grid Flex Search 2.0 Engines List Flex Search 2.0 Enter a URL


The results page is more streamlined and there is less clutter. We removed the bottom toolbar and put most of those options in an action button instead. Even though you require that extra tap, we decided on this so that you can have more space for browsing. There is also a new text size slider which you can slide to increase or decrease the page text size. Press the magnifying glass with the “1” in it to return to 100% size.

Flex Search 2.0 Search Results Flex Search 2.0 Change Font Size

Attention to Detail

The newer start page starts off the bat with a neon style icon design which those of you using Mini Info for Android will be familiar with. We separated the History and Settings buttons so you don’t need two taps to go to the settings page. That said, history got a touch up with bugs and layout fixes and search more refined. We also made a new about page with news and short links to contact us and check up on our updates. Overall, the entire experience was reconsidered and we think that it’s a major step up from the previous version!

Flex Search 2.0 Awesome About Us Flex Search 2.0 History List Flex Search 2.0 Settings


Not only does this fix the problems that the previous versions of Flex Search that you may experience, but it also makes Flex Search faster, more efficient an dmore streamlined. We hope that Flex Search can be come your go to search app like it did with us!

The Flex Search Team