The url will never be the same again. After working tirelessly all last month on rebuilding our totally 2007 website, we are now launching what we like to call: 2.0!

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Home Page

In our recent slew of 2.0 updates, this one seems to be the grand daddy of them all. You now get access to a no longer stale home page, product pages with in depth resources on all our products, the blog which you are currently reading, and a contact/about page to keep in touch. In our complete teardown of the website, we had a few goals in mind:

  1. To be able to announce our news in a visually appealing and exciting way

  2. Showcase every detail about our products

  3. Build a resource section for our products from getting started to getting serious

  4. Display our latest blog posts in a categorized and clean manner

  5. To show customers how to contact us and what we work for

To complete our ideal vision of in a long and determined journey that we will write about later. In short, we completely started from scratch to built a more modern 2011-esque homepage that allowed us to communicate quickly in a fresher cleaner way. Here are some of our accomplishments:

  • A feature slider for adding visual appeal to our announcements

  • A featured products for our recently updated or hot apps

  • A recent posts to get the freshest new from our blog

  • A small about us section to show our values and motives

  • A Twitter widget showing our latest tweets.

Product Pages

In our new look products page, we listed our six most active products and wrote some neat resources. In each product page, you will find the features, screenshots and the change log right down to the very first version. For some products which have paid version in them, we made comparison charts and graphics that will outline what you will get for your money. Some of our apps even have user guides and resources! All of this will be updated on new releases on updates and such so that you can have a complete reference for your favorite Dynotes apps.

Dynotes Products Page Mini Info Product Page Multi Lang Dictionary iPhone Product Page

Our Blog

In our blog, we re-sorted the categories sticking to strictly to the products themselves. For all other information, we made tags so that you can quickly find related posts. In the blog posts themselves, you can quickly share  the article or write comments. In the sidebar, you will find the list of posts, categories, recent posts and our twitter feed as well!

Dynotes New Blog Bottom Dynotes New Blog

If you ever want to contact us, go to the about page in the navigation bar at the top to write your message! We also made a cleaner, more professional footer at the bottom of every page for links to archives, RSS subscription, products and about us. About Us Dynotes About Page 2

We hope that you like our new look! After a week of sleepless work, we feel that the new website can better reflect on our company, our motives and our products!