Starting with 2.0, we’ve also added a few neat tricks for power users and as shortcuts:

  • Hold the search handle button to go to the engine selection as well as access history, settings, etc.

  • Triple tap the web view to access ad blocking shortcuts like manual blocking and auto blocking toggling.

  • Tap the magnifying glass with the one in it to reset the text zoom to 100%

  • Hold images to save and hold links to open in safari, open in mobile view, etc.

  • Tap the spinning activity indicator on the title bar (not status bar) to stop page load

..Along with some of the core tricks from previous versions:

  • Hold down images to save them

  • Hold down links to get more options

  • Asynchronous autocomplete, so that you’re not disturbed while typing

  • Swipe a history item to delete

  • Stop and Reload is one button

  • Find in Page Shows the number of found elements beside the clear button

  • Select the default mobilizer in settings (Tools – Settings – Default Mobilizer

  • Your previously selected engine is remembered to save you time

  • Turn your device for Landscape Mode

  • There are a lot more options in share by pressing More….

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