The past few months have been a thrill of a ride! Tons of major updates to our products from Mini Info, to Flex Search, even to our website, Today, we want to introduce a side update that we were developing during those months for one of our Android apps, the Multi Lang Dictionary.

Online Dictionary Offline Dictionary Wiktionary

Tabbed interface

In this update, we wanted to split up the dictionary and translate sections and give “speak” its own section so that 1. It look and feels like it’s iPhone counterpart and 2. We can divvy up the tasks on each page that it is more focused and streamlined. This said, we are letting go of the one screen design pattern.

Slide Bar

If you also use the iPhone and iPad versions of the MLD, you will feel right at home with the “slide bar”, available for sliding with a touch of the bottom right button. This way you can see the results more clearly instead of having yet another toolbar get in your way. The slide bar is restricted to the less commonly used functions namely: back and forward, text size change, history, remove history, copy, and share

Offline Text-To-Speech Word of the Day

Speakin’ out!

With the new tab bar system, you will be able to access Android’s native TTS capabilities quicker and more focused. We have also brought over one major iOS feature which is the online speak, so you can listen to 34 languages spoken back at you if it’s urn 99 characters.

More Updates

About Us Pro Key Tab

  • A usual, we updated our about page to be like like a mix of Mini Info’s and Flex Search’s

  • The Pro Key tab much like on the MLD on iPad.

  • Remove each item in the history list with the new red history icon in the slide bar.