If you’ve been religiously following Dynotes, you would have noticed that the MLD for Android just got a fresh new server and more dictionaries. Last week, we also pushed an update to one of our first apps, the English-Arabic Translator. It’s actually been two years since our last update! But the reason that it remains relatively unchanged is because it is great on its own and doesn’t really need an update.

Since our update to the Multi Lang Dictionary for Android, we feel that EnAr should get the new server boost as well. Also, now with all the new fancy Android gadgets popping up every week, some of the user interface parts get messed up (like the menu), so we replaced the icons so that it would look great on black and white.

We also drew a new high-res icon so that the app is still shiny even on your massive screen sized Android devices. We moved some of the help stuff that was originally on a webpage directly in the app so that your don’t need an internet connection to get help on using the app.

To sum things up, the updates were:

  • A new and improved server

  • Improved overall performance

  • High-res logo and icons

  • About and FAQ Page