It’s been a year, but we’ve been secretly building the most exciting release of Mini Info. It’s so amazing, we decided to release it as a separate product, appropriately named Mini Info+. Free download on the Google Play Store.

3 New Info Pieces

Mini Info+ Main Page for Android Mini Info+ Volume for Android

We are packing 3 new info pieces, including the heavily requested Internal SD Card, with a user defined path, Network Info with a budget tracker and Volume with master volume.

The Mini Info+ main page had been completely redesigned to accomodate these 3 new info pieces. We now use a 2 column setup with a vertical progress bar and stacked info items for a clearer, more organized feel.

These, along with Battery, Disk Space, SD Card space, CPU and RAM for the 8 total info pieces, all of which can have their display info customized in the settings, shown on the widget and in the notification bar.

Notification Info Bar

Mini Info+ Notification Info Bar for Android Mini Info+ Toggle Bar Settings for Android

Extending Mini Info from a “widget - home screen info monitor” into the notification bar. This, a Pro Feature, allows you to have the 8 info pieces sit and update as an ongoing notification.

You can set a battery level badge similar to unread messages for email for a quick glance at the battery life. All info pieces can be shown/hidden and drag and drop reordered to show the ones you need.

The Notification updates every time the widget updates or when Mini Info+ is launched, which is when the battery status changes so you save battery as well. It does not use polling.

Widget Configuration Overhaul

Mini Info+ Widget Configuration for Android Mini Info+ Widget Configuration Back for Android Mini Info+ Progress Bar Color for Android

Our need to introduce total info customization and a progress bar color made us rethink our widget configuration page. The result? The standard “select your info” bar, and a tool bar for the widget template, number of items, background and other settings, including info selection, text color and progress bar color.

We also revamped the Solo Detailed Template and made it look like the info pieces on the new main page, with a vertical progress bar and the two info items stacked on top of each other.

The configuration page is made dialog style to imitate the lightweight feel of the Mini Info+ main page. It also fixes several Service related and phantom widget bugs from Mini Info Classic.

Settings Page Revamp

Mini Info+ Disk Settings for Android Mini Info+ Disk Settings Select Directory for Android Mini Info+ Network Budget for Android

Now with Internal SD Card, Network Info and Volume all needing settings, making a one-paged settings page gets cluttered and takes a long time to find what you want. Now we broke up each setting into its own distinct page, allowing for specific settings like disk space location and battery temperature unit to be more intuitive.

Here are two new settings: Disk Space location and Network budget.

Since the arrival of a plethora of new Android devices with both internal SD Cards and external SD Cards, we couldn’t easily handle the subtle disk locations each manufacturer sets. As a result, we allow you to select your custom directories giving you full control on what to measure. The benefit is that you don’t even necessarily need to set your SD Card location, you can set any location in the system!

“Pro Codes”

Mini Info+ Pro Details for Android Mini Info+ About and Help for Android

Making Mini Info+ into a separate app also allows us to more away from the separate “Pro Key” app system and instead use In-App-Billing, Google Play’s latest way to purchase additional content. Through In-App-Billing, you can purchase a “pro code”, which will unlock the device that it was purchased on and 5 bonus devices.

This way, if you have different Google Play accounts, you can still unlock Mini Info+ Pro features without repurchasing a “Pro Key”. You also have the flexibility to give away your pro code after you used them on your devices to a friend as a gift. You can even purchase many pro codes and have a giveaway on your website, etc.

Note: You should write down your pro code somewhere because we cannot help you recover it.

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Love, The Mini Info+ Team