The past two months, we have been scrambling to get all our apps ready-to-go for the new 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5. This included complete rethinking of our apps such as how to use the extra space in Multi Lang Dictionary, or whether to add more engines in Flex Search.

iPhone 5 3d White

In the end, we filled the extra space with use generated content. For example, you may not need to scroll to see definitions or translations in Multi Lang Dictionary, and the extra viewing space in Flex Search is always nice. For School Countdown, to make it fair for legacy users of 3.5 inch screens, we decided not to add extra “content”, but we simply stretched the info.

Flex Search 2.8

Flex Search New Main Page Flex Search Voice Recognition Flex Search Actions

Flex Search was our first app to tackle because it was the easiest to scale. We had already considered if the app goes into a call and the status bar size would increase, that the app needed to be scaled. Scaling an extra half inch diagonally wasn’t much of a challenge after that.

We felt however that simply scaling the app wasn’t enough for an update and we decided to try adding voice recognition. This way, if you want to search in a different language than that of your locale (you can change dictation language in Flex Search settings), you can speak into your mic and get your voice dictated. This is also available in iPad.

As for the smaller changes, we added a new row of job search engines to the engines list, allowing you to search Indeed, LinkUp and We also added history to the action button in the results page so you can quickly view search history and visited pages without needing to go through the search screen.

Multi Lang Dictionary 4.8.2

Multi Lang Dictionary Multi Lang Dictionary Translate Multi Lang Dictionary TTS

We are planning a much bigger release of MLD in the near future and we liked to have all our apps updated to iPhone 5 as soon as possible. In the end, we simply scaled the app while waiting for the redesign.

School Countdown 3.6.2

School Countdown End of School School Countdown Timetable School Countdown

This is basically the same deal as for Multi Lang Dictionary. We did however change the end of school limit for you to experiment with your new device’s processor.