Recently at Dynotes, we’ve been brewing up ideas to improve our products, especially for our flagship Multi Lang Dictionary. Along with some minor fixes, we’ve decided on several key features that will make your overall experience better.

iPhone Multi Lang Dictionary Auto Complete iPhone Multi Lang Dictionary Definition Links iPhone Multi Lang Dictionary Combined TTS

Auto Complete

This feature was long debated on the exact implementation due to the massive amount of server resources needed to sustain this feature. We’ve decided on using wiktionary’s auto complete list in order to fit our needs. Although some of the auto complete results do not completely correlate to the same dictionary you are looking up, this feature does provide a good list of suggestions for words to look up that are similar.

Sometimes when you look up a word, there are words in the definition that you are also unfamiliar with. Especially when the dictionary is multi lingual. By tapping on the blue underlined words in a definition, you will automatically be linked to that word’s definition for a quick check on the integrity of the definition.

Combined Offline/Online TTS

We thought that it might be easier if we merged the pages for our text-to-speech feature so that people could find both faster. This also streamlines the interface by putting everything in one place.

Overall, we hope that these features will improve your dictionary experience and your use of MLD! We are also planning some major projects that we’ll work on over the summer. Stay tuned!