After two years of thinking and two months of arduous development, we present to you Whitespace, a new way to capture ideas.

Whitespace, is initially a little bit hard to describe. We label it as “a writer, editor and organizer for your notes and ideas”, but it is an entire philosophy of recording items. Text editors and writers only focus on the editing, while note taking apps only focus on organization, both sides only focus on half the writing experience.

Whitespace is the best of both worlds, providing Markdown editing features while having a powerful organization system called “spaces”. (We will write about Whitespace’s concepts article later)


Whitespace 1.0.1 iPhone Main Whitespace 1.0.1 iPhone Full Screen Whitespace 1.0.1 iPhone Settings

Whitespace is made to collect items, which can be notes, reminders, lists, ideas, etc. We didn’t want to impede your item collection with a limit on items, so now you can make unlimited items and spaces. Our focus was to make a clean interface, with intuitive gestures such as long press for delete option, pinch for full screen (in editor).

We syntax highlight Markdown for you by default, a setting you can turn off to use your own syntax. You can also attach an image to your items, to start a photo collection or simply give your items more context.


Whitespace 1.0.1 iPhone Whitespace Whitespace 1.0.1 iPhone Photo Whitespace 1.0.1 iPhone Search

On the main page, you’ll find your recent items, a quick add item button, a quick add from camera button, and your list of spaces. You can also search through your items using full text search and color code your spaces.


Whitespace 1.0.1 iPhone Compose Whitespace 1.0.1 iPhone Attachments Whitespace 1.0.1 iPhone Drag and Drop

Some writing apps try to do too much, providing unnecessary formatting features such as margins and text styling they should be focusing on putting thoughts into words. Whitespace items only have one format, plain text.

We carefully chose our editing features to include basic _structure _helpers (headings, paragraph and lists) and basic text _styling _(bold, italic), all of which is optional. You apply whichever of these only when you see fit in your item. Since we use Markdown, these styles are easy to read, non-intrusive, and portable since they are all simply plain text.

In the editor, you will find structure and formatting toolbars to help you insert markdown syntax, a trackball for cursor navigation, as well as the option to view item info (word count, etc.), drag and drop lines, email items and add attachments.

Final words

We hope you appreciate our work! Whitespace is an app we use a lot at Dynotes and we will continuously improve it. This app is super new, so it would be awesome if you could tell your friends about it to get more people on board :)

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