Right after we submitted Whitespace 1.0.1 to the App Store, we got busy on working on an update for our one of a kind Whitespace app! Except this time, we were able to plan out the update using a stable version of Whitespace itself, which was pretty cool.

It was also fantastic to see Whitespace get so many reviews from the blogosphere, and we tried to keep up by retweeting each one. Check out our Twitter page to see the retweets!

iOS 7

Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Main Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Space Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Compose

One of our priorities for 1.5.1 was to make Whitespace look great on iOS 7. Although the original Whitespace had an iOS 7 inspired design, updating to iOS 7 actually required a complete rewrite of many of our interface files.

New Features

Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Backup Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Backing Up Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Passcode

Among the feedback we got from Whitespace users, one of the most common was a way of saving app data to a safe source, in case the app gets deleted somehow. We understand this concern and we developed a backup and restore feature. Available as part of the upgrade, you can create backups (which you should be saving to your computer through iTunes File Sharing) and restore them later (by adding it to iTunes File Sharing).

You may also want to restrict access of your Whitespace data from other people who may use the phone. So we now give you the option of setting a passcode that will need to be entered every time you enter the app from anywhere. One caveat: if you forget the passcode, you’re out of luck, since we don’t know it either!

Finally, in 1.5.1, you can delete your attachments in iOS 6+. This was actually available on iOS 5, but for some reason it did not work for iOS 6. In the latest update, we now allow you to delete your attachments.


Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Auto Correct Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Delete Attachment Whitespace 1.5.1 iPhone Change Space Name

Due to a conflict with our live syntax highlighting, some multi-stage input methods such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean would not work correctly. We decided that the live syntax highlighting was not worth not being able to input in these languages, so we removed live syntax highlighting. In the future, we will find a way for these input methods to cooperate with this feature.

We also allowed auto correct in the writer screen of the app to facilitate people who use this standard iOS feature often.

We also allow you to change the name of the default “Uncategorized” space to your own language or name choosing.


On our App Store page, we wrote “Bug Fixes” as a notable improvement. Most of these fixes are quite trivial and do not merit an explanation at all, but we’ll write it here anyways. Photos attached to from the camera roll will not be saved to the camera roll again; App concept now scrolls on iOS 5; Cancelling sharing an item will actually cancel the request; Popovers will dismiss when tapping a structure or formatting button; Cursor will be placed in between formatting added from the popover buttons; and takes breath saving an item is done at more appropriate times rather than on every few character clicks.

We are working hard on Whitespace and will continue to support it with features, improvements and fixes. Follow us on Twitter for news and tips, and contact us for feedback or suggestions!