When we updated Whitespace a few weeks ago, we added backup and restore, pass code, delete attachments and several other features. You can read the release notes here.

What we didn’t foresee was that there would be a difference between directly updating an app through XCode versus the App Store. When we updated Whitespace to 1.5.1, in order to maintain maximum backup capability, we changed the attachment links from absolute to relative paths so that they could be device independent. But as soon as the app is updated, the absolute link could not be read and changed, thus causing some people to “break” their attachment links.

This version addresses this issue and will repair the links with no further action from the user. You should see your links repaired as soon as you re-open the app after updating.

One similar case was in deleting attachments. Through XCode, deleting attachments work perfectly, but it becomes different on the App Store build. We tracked this down and changed parts of our implementation. Now deleting attachments work as expected (hold down the attachment and choose “Delete”).