Lately, we’ve been working on a fantastic new update for Multi Lang Dictionary for iOS. Version 5.0 is fully equipped with iOS 7 support so it looks stellar on Apple’s newest OS. We’ve even updated the logo for a flatter, more modern look.

Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 iPhone Main Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 iPhone Speak Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 iPhone Translate

This version features an insanely clean design with a full redraw of all our icons to fit the iOS 7 theme. If you’re running the latest iOS, you’ll notice that the app is cleaner and friendlier to use. We’ve also made sure anyone still using iOS 6 and below has their existing layouts unchanged to prevent confusion.

We’ve removed all noise textures and moved to a simpler color palette. The icons are more uniform looking and the look is overall more elegant and minimalistic.

Multi Lang Dictionary 5.0.1 iPad Dictionary

This said, we are hoping to move forward from legacy iOS support in future updates. This way, we can take full advantage of current software and hardware improvements. We’ve got much more in store for the next update! Stay tuned!